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PV4WD Spring video

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Dave Evans:
This is an oldie but a goodie.  Good times in the clubs early days.  Thank you to Motorman for putting this together.

Anyone want to make a current one?

Trish Landry:
it is quite interesting and funny when you type in PV4WD on YouTube .. you get hundreds of videos of "the past" .. lol

Mike Reynolds:
Wow I forgot all about that one lol

Aaron Kress:
I have some older videos on my old YouTube channel here as well.

They aren’t my best work, but they’re cool to go back and watch once in a while! My partner Kody is into photography and videograph,  so maybe we’ll make a video of a ride again at some point!

Dave Evans:
That would be awesome Aaron!

If you're interested in some snow wheeling, we are going to Cap Rock Estates in Dedham on Jan. 8th.   I dont check this website all that often, so If you're looking to wheel up here shoot me a text.


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