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Yj Build


Wow! Good job. That thing is pretty squared away, Bob.

Yea definitely currently it’s all together and working.

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Wow!  Nice work Bob.  Are you going to have it up and running for a winter run?

Have been meaning to make a post on my Jeep build
It is a 91 yj with the 4.0 and 5 speed

When I first got the Jeep about 2 years ago

The first thing I installed was the rocker “guards”. In hindsight I should have got sliders instead.

The first real off-road mod was an Aussie Locker and still one of my favorite

Around the same time I installed a CB

Ended up bed lining the insides the Jeep as well

Now heading the words of many fellow Jeepers I got rid of the Dana 35 and picked up a Ford 8.8. Ended up finding out it had eaten the spider gear/carrier shims later so I completely dissembled it and put new bearings.

Didn’t really take any pictures but soon after I installed a slip yoke eliminator and cv front and rear driveshafts.

Now I was never really happy with the condition of the frame as it had some soft spots in the back. So I ended up finding a great condition donor frame from a Jeep that had been sitting disassembled in a garage for 15 years. Got it all cleaned up and painted and started the process of swapping the frame. Took about a week in total to complete.

Also not really in order but I ended up installing flat fenders and rock sliders and front winch bumper and winch.

My next mod was going from crappy 33s to 35 inch Micky Thompson deegan 38s

Also around the same time I installed a Yukon dura grip in the 8.8.

Then I installed some quarter panel armor

And one of my most recent changes going spring over in the front.

To be continued....


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