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RIP BStreet

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Wow, didn't know how he was doing. He was a fun guy to have on the trail, very sad.

So sad to hear about his passing.  I remember his first ride with us.  He was so stoked to finally have a Jeep.  He was truly hooked!  Modifications soon started on his TJ to make it the way he wanted it to be.  Always a smile on his face, a hand willing to help, and his loving Sonya by his side in his Jeep.  We lost a good guy for sure.

Very sad. Condolences to his family. God Speed, Sir.

Mike Reynolds:

Mike Reynolds:
He served in the Marine Corps but not sure for how long. He also spent some time working in the woods and was able to tell you about how valuable a tree was. He got all excited when he saw a tree at Hemlock Ridge that was worth about 6 grand  LOL


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