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4 BFG KM2's and/or 2 Michelen tires for sale


If this ad is still up come Aug. 10th make me an offer.  I want to get them out of the garage.

The BFG's are 35x12.5x15.  As you can see the treadwear is a little uneven.  One is about 1/3 tread, another 2/3 tread, and the other two are inbetween those.

The michelen's are  low on tread but would make a great spare.  They are both 265x65x17.

I'll sell all four of the BFG's as a set for $175, or the 3 with the least tread for $50 each.  If I sell them individually I'll be keeping the one with the best tread as my own spare.

Heck, I'll give away the Michelens.  Just come get them.


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