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Off-road Recovery Safety Tips


Here is the outline that I used at the last meeting.

1) Recovery Kit
* Gloves
* Tree Saver
* Recovery Strap
* Winch Blanket/Damper
* Clevis/Shackle (Metal or Soft)
* Snatch Block
* Shovel/Hand Tools
* Hi-Lift/Farm Jack
* Air Jack*
* Ground Anchor*
* MaxTrax**Nice to have?

2) Gear Tips
* Weight Ratings - 1.5x and up
* Inpecst all gear for wear and tear.
* Shackles for cracks, deformations, pins move freely   
* Straps/Winch lines for chafing, knicks and cuts.
* Occasionally respool Winches under a load
* Prevents line from getting pitched in the gaps
* Have Frame mounted winch points
* Be aware how your receiver hitch is mounted
* Clevis/Shackles (rated shackles only)
* Metal
* Highly regulated (SWL)
* No paint
* Stay American      
* Soft
* Strong
* Light
* Don’t turn into projectiles         
* Frames mounted Tow points
* Be aware how your receiver is mounted   
3) Recovery Tips
* Don’t Rush
* Be aware of the terrain
* Flat, incline, decline, other hazards
* Recovery Objective - Parking brake
* Keep spectators at a safe distance   
* Kinetic pull or Static pull
* Kinetic pull
* Use recovery strap
* Don’t use chains or Tow straps      
* Static pull
* Tow straps with no hooks
* Chains (not a fan)
* Winch (How many good pulls?)         
* Wear Gloves when working with a winch.
* Keep hands away from the fairleads   
* Use a tree saver
* Don’t choke tree
* Don’t use a recovery rope   
* Keep mount points as low as possible
* Avoid running lines/straps over abrasive surfaces
* Don’t sideload shackles
* Back off pin ¼ turn to prevent binding.   
* Alway hook up (Hook throat up)
* Dampen Lines
* Pop hood
* Keep vehicle running
* Spotter (hand signals)
Never use a tow ball - Receiver with pin could be used - Don’t straddle recovery linesFailure is an option, so try to stay away from potential projectiles

BBcoding in SMF  :nuts:


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