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Welcoming Our Warriors Home Event 7/22/19


I will be there. I was lucky enough to get Monday off.

Mike Reynolds:
Meeting time has been updated. We are meeting at Leadbetter's, 1065 Broadway, Bangor at 8:00. We will also meet up at the Irving, 719 Central St., Millinocket at 10:00. We will top off fuel there also before we hit the Golden Rd.

The Professor & MaryAnn:
Sorry. Can not make the 13th or the 22nd.   :(

Mike Reynolds:
PV4WD will be the "Welcome Home" Committee for the Wilderness Walk for Warriors participants, Monday July 22nd. This is a Monday so plan ahead if you can join us!!  We will be meeting in Bangor at 8:45 and leaving by 9:15.  This will give us time to set up for their arrival.  The drive will take approximately and hour and a half to arrive. 


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