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10th Anniversary


Thank YOU, Mike.
I've only been a member for a couple years, but it's a great bunch, and a well run club.

Mike Reynolds:
December already! 2018 is almost over. That means Penobscot Valley 4 Wheel Drive will be 10 years old. Thats 10 years of bringing Jeepers together for countless good times and memories, many friendships and even started some families. We have always done events that all Jeeps can participate in and we have always been willing to work with other groups in the state. Family friendly trail rides, scenic trips, shows, parades, fundraisers, social gatherings, clean ups, wrenchfests, and campouts have made us a well rounded and very active club. I feel we've done a good job to help represent the off roading community in a positive way for the past decade and I want to thank all the members for making PV4 what it is! 2019 will bring many more great events for our 10th Anniversary! Get those Jeeps ready!


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