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Re: Spill Kits
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I took an old Jamboree lunch box and put a few trash bags, rubber gloves, and pig mats.  I keep a roll of the pig mats in the garage anyway, so it was pretty much a zero cost thing. 

I personally think the pig mats are a little better suited to trail use than absorbent only because you can work it into mud and float it on water if you need to, and it's easier to dispose of.  They both have their place though, and if you can carry both, obviously that's better.

I built that kit during Jamboree prep one year, and I ended up having rolls on both of those trails and I actually used the whole kit for ATF between both incidents.  More people really should carry them.

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Re: Spill Kits
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I have a coffee can with speedy dry in it, mini broom/dust pan combo, trail shovel, zip lock bags to put the mess in. 
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Spill Kits
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It's time I addressed one of many things that I'm lacking in my off-road kit.  As we know, space is at a premium and I decided that a first kit was more important's time to rethink my priorities! Ok, I'm not going to ditch the first-aid kit but there are some other things that I really don't need on the trails (so much for the extra package of underwear). 

So I've started to look at what was available on the market for spill kits and I found a cool site called New Pig ( ).  All kinds of cool products, but they are more industrial focused so the cost is on the high side.  So I kept looking and found this on Amazon Descent price point and while it appears bigger than I would like, I think I'm still going to spring for it.  I'll report back what I find once I have this in hand.

For those that already have spill kits, what do you have?  Are they pre-built or home-grown?   

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