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Operation Tetanus (my license plate)


Nice! My first Jeep was a 59 CJ5. I've always liked the old ones best.

NICE project and plate

Okay, I introduced my self in the new member area, however if you haven't looked it's fine...

As I sit in the garage trying to unbolt my rear Dana for a service I must say... Wow Jeeps are great! If you're just now finding out about me. My name is Ryan, I traded a 2010 BMW for a 1966 apparent project... Only a project cause im picky and want it better ... So keep in touch, check in the thread here and there to see what I'm doing.

If anyone lives in Hampden stop over

This is the 1966 CJ5. It's a fiberglass tub with a V6, and a half way decent hard top. Also has some plow gear I'm trying to sell or trade.


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