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Project Squarekee


You'll never guess what I found in the drivers door...

And the drivers side rear door

and the passenger's rear door

But I got the door handles working again, and picked up a few junkyard parts today.

Need to take the winch motor apart for the 3rd time. 
For anyone who doubts the quality of a Chinese 12k winch vs a good quality warn I present my case:

Very Nice nest!!! LOL Looks like that thing has been a few places!!!

Blown brake line is pass side from right under the master.  I'll have to pickup some copper nickel and handle it.

New steering box spacer is here, but I haven't gotten there yet.

I've got one of these bad boys running in it right now for smell reasons.
Hopefully it works.

Looks like a good project. There are times when a Cherokee will do better than the rest of us.

So I decided the other day to write build threads for a couple vehicles.  This project seemed like the logical place to start.
So my Dad bought his '98 TJ in like 2005 or 2006 for cheap money (like less than what they go for now). Those who have wheeled with my Dad know that he isn't exactly nice to his equipment.  I also have a fair amount of seat time in it, and I'm sure none of the damage came from me...

Its always been way too high geared and has required a throttle happy driving style to do much, even after locking it front and rear.  Well over the past few years its gone from annoying to drive, to just truly awful condition and I've started to find legitimate frame issues.  I had been on the lookout for a cheap 4.0L 5 speed early TJ to swap the D44s, lift, and anything else useful into, but as I'm sure we're all aware, TJ prices are dumb lately.

Enter a buddy of mine who has had this XJ sitting around for a few years.  It had a slight mold issue and hes deathly allergic or something.  While having breakfast with him and another friend, they tried to convince me I should own it for fairly short money.  Now I don't need an XJ, but I told my Dad and he was all about it.  about a week later and...

4.0L, AW4, open HP30, welded 8.25, 4.88s, Rustys 3 or 4" lift, custom bumpers built at Copelands and a Warn 9.5XP
Tires are 34x10.5R15 LTBs, same as my CJ5, but they are at the wear bars and I need to groove them up a little.
Only Cloth left inside is the seats and seat belts - headliner and carpets are already out.  Pretty much every body panel is beat in, but there is almost no rust.  Again for those that know my dad, the body damage shouldn't really be an issue.
What is an issue is the 3 years worth of mice and my buddies apparent lack of an outdoor cat.
The initial inside an out Douching:

Bleached the entire inside as well as pressure washing the seats.  Still smelled.
Perhaps this was related?

That was all in the heater box.  There was another nest in the glove box.  After hosing out the heater box, lots of bleach, and some Lysol, I think I'm gaining on it.  Its currently on day 2 of an ionizing air filter - ozone will be next.

So turns out one of the (missing) bumper bolts was also the upper steering box bolt.  whoops.

Got that fixed (spacer is broken though, new JCR one is on the way) - I also have the Bumper remounted and the winch working.

Next up is continued deodorizing and fixing a blown brake line, and we'll be ready for it's first ride in May.


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