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This should be a call to all 4x4 manufacturers that transfer cases must be at least 4:1 !

They don't seem to get into specifics beyond some examples but I think you've raise a valid point about tearing up property. If it happening somewhere inappropriate it's our responsibility to try and enlighten folks.

Though I'm not sure I understand the connection with big power.  ;)

I'm surprised that they don't say anything about spinning tires. Some guys that drive with big power and a heavy foot seem to cause the most damage but there's a place for everything.

They also have a set of principals for on water but I think we might have bigger issues if we need to take those into consideration.

This is straight out of the Trainer Manual:

Tread Lightly! Principles On Land

TRAVEL RESPONSIBLY on roads and trails or in permitted areas.

RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS including private property owners and all recreational trail users,
campers, and others to allow them to enjoy their recreational activities undisturbed.

EDUCATE YOURSELF by obtaining travel maps and regulations from public agencies, planning for
your trip, taking recreation skills classes, and knowing how to use and operate your equipment safely.

AVOID SENSITIVE AREAS such as meadows, lakeshores, wetlands and streams, unless on designated
routes. This protects wildlife habitat and sensitive soils from damage.

DO YOUR PART by leaving the area better than you found it, properly disposing of waste, minimizing
the use of fire, avoiding the spread of invasive species, restoring degraded areas, and joining a local
enthusiast organization.

In the coming weeks, I going start up some discussions and wanted to share this so there is some foundation and understanding how they relate back.


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