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Which '18 concept Jeep would you choose?


If I were to get it for free, it would be the Apocalypse Jeep. ... Otherwise I'll stick with my old cj

Here at ExtremeTerrain, we are super stoked that Jeep has overhauled the Wrangler for 2018, making it their most capable off-road performer yet. As our customers know, a huge perk of Wrangler ownership is the aftermarket spectrum that allows owners to modify their Jeep to suit their personal taste and performance levels.

We’ve come up with three concept Jeeps—Apocalypse Jeep, Beach Jeep & Overland Jeep—intended to showcase some new and different ways to take the new JL Wrangler to the next level.

**Read the article at the link below**
Check them out here: https://www.extremeterrain.com/2018-jeep-wrangler-parts.html


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