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2nd Annual LHFTC 11/19/17

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Really wanted to be there but the long ride in the dark with a leaky top talked me out of it, have fun.

Mike Reynolds:
There will also be a group meeting at the G&M in Holden 9:30

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If anyone wants to follow us there we will meet at the Irving in Holden at 0830 and leaving there at 0845.  Good place to gas up and grab a coffee or munchies.  Bring your rain gear, boots, and maybe a change of clothes.  It's going to be a fun time!

Green jeep:
Put us on the list for buffalo wings

Mike Reynolds:
Potluck list
  Kat-Taco salad and cinnamon rolls
  Cain-Lil smokies in bbq
  Grimm-Pulled Buffalo Ranch chicken



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