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CMJO 1st Annual Ghost Train Convoy 8/4-8/6/17


Mike Reynolds:
Copied from the facebook event page
"O.k. here are the plans. We will be departing Winslow in convoy from Big G'S at 4pm on the 4th and travelling Rt 100 to Newport Atv parking lot near Sebasticook Valley Credit Union. Departing that parking lot at 5pm heading to Guilford Rite Aid in convoy. At this point we are 5min from our camping spot and will convoy into that location, set up tents eat dinner etc. I have given all the local businesses a heads up of how many JEEPS will be in the area and asked them to be staffed appropriately. There is an Irving gas station and a Subway sandwich shop very close to our campsite. The owner of the property is asking for $10 (cash only)per person to camp there for the weekend and has said it WILL be fine to bring our furry friends along. I will collect that the day we set up. There is also a $10 per person(residents) and $15 per person(non residents) at the Telos Gate and they only accept cash.
August 5th I would like to hit the road heading for the ghost trains in convoy at 7am. This is a long day on the road with ZERO chance of ANY stores so please plan accordingly. There will be a couple opportunities to stop at a porta potty and we will be stopping to eat a packed lunch around 1130am about 8 miles after passing thru Telos Gate.
Once we arrive at the parking area for the trains, there is a mild hike into the Allagash Wilderness that should take about 45min.
If anyone has any specific questions feel free to pm me"

The link is here


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