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Tire size and fender width.

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It's not just inspections you have to worry about. Cops can and will pull you over for having your tires stick out past the fenders. Gotta say that's one law that I agree with. I don't really want rocks and spray coming off your jeep and blasting me when I'm driving my daily.

There's no tire size limit, but there is a vehicle height to weight limit. Also the most current inspection manual states the entire tread must be covered. That being said, as an inspection technician at a dealership when I worked there, as long as there was at least an attempt to cover the tread, I would pass the vehicle. But if a truck or jeep is running around with 6 inches of uncovered tread coming in for a sticker they would get laughed at.

There are a ton of keeps on the road with 12" wide tires and many have aftermarket fenders that do not cover the full tire.   They all got inspected somewhere I would imagine. I have 35 x 12.5" tires with bushwhacker flares (they don't cover, ) and a dealer ship inspected it last year..,.,,  [emoji848]

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From (a only moderately out of date, but still relevant) inspection handbook.


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I'm fairly sure inspection requires 100% coverage of the actual tire tread.  I posted on the facepage about it a couple weeks ago.  Standby for actual language...


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