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CMJO 1st Annual Earth Day Cleanup/Convoy 4/22/17


Oh whoops nvm, should have looked at the date closer. I'll definitely be looking for the next event

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Is anyone welcome, I just joined? the form today, still working on getting the CB radio installed, if trail riding after. The Earth day clean up would work for me before I head off to work that day.

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Mike Reynolds:
Copied from the Facebook event page by Central Maine Jeep Owners

" This will be our first annual community cleanup for Earth Day. We will meet at Big G's in Winslow at 9am and proceed to a few local downtown locations to pick up trash left behind from this long dreary winter. I would like to take a ride after but it may be way too muddy in our normal spot. I will decide on the ride as we get closer to the event. This will be a great opportunity for our group to do something great for the community. Just bring a couple trash bags and i will have a trailer in tow to dispose of the trash."

The event page

The address for Big G's Deli
581 Benton Ave, Winslow, ME 04901


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