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We will have a monthly Members Meeting on the 3rd Sundays of every month, 6pm, location may/will change every month so we have a better variety and opportunity to present ourselves to the community.  We would like to have members attend every meeting but understand that is not always  possible, but attendance is expected.

there will be a one month free trial membership to decide whether they should become a member, either the member or the admin/staff can decide if they will be allowed to become members

Yearly dues will be $15 per member and $5 per spouse or significant member not having their own trail rig ... so if they are a couple with one veh it will be $20 ... if they both have a veh they will both need to pay $15

dues will be due at the meeting the following full month after joining

***All members will pay their annual dues at the May meeting.

Membership dues are due at the end of your trial period to have continued access to the site.  Dues paid after November 1st will be half of the annual amount.  Dues paid before November 1st will be the full amount.


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