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Receiver hitch flag pole mount

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Mike Reynolds:
Most of wouldn't drive around on a regular basis with the flag on but it would be great for parades and shows.


--- Quote from: Cain on June 10, 2016, 07:32:23 AM --- I'm sure a few members can make these and be cheaper

--- End quote ---

^^^That's a piece of 2" square tubing with a 5/8" hole for a hitch and a piece of pipe welded to it.  I'm not saying is price is ridiculous, but it seems like a pretty simple thing to me. 

I've always thought these were a bit flashy for my taste and a good way to destroy a perfectly good flag.  I figure my Jeep needs less attention going down the road...

 I'm sure a few members can make these and be cheaper

So I'm still waiting to hear what is going to cost to get some shipped up here but can I maybe get a quick count on how many people have interest in these? As you can see in the picture posted with this he basically explains how he does it. So if you go any special request I'll make up a list and send it to him! Keep in mind if we go through the usps and get a flat rate box, the price on shipping for each mount goes down!

Haha I like your thinking... But I'm afraid he probably wouldn't   :(


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