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On 4.0L Wranglers York mounting is difficult due to the AC pump location but on 4 bangers and cherokees the pump is right on top and is very easy to mount either style.

It appears that a good portable is a good way to go. The Viair is pricey and only puts out 1.66 cfm @ 0 psi. It also wants 23 amps and I'm told that these Jeeps don't put out that much. Replacing the ac pump with a York is still the best way to go but mine is located on the bottom of the motor where you can't even see it and the York is tall.

Glad you got it worked out Rockman. I struggled with what to do also. I ultimately took a chance and went with a Powetank. I've been very happy with it. Plenty of capability. It airs up extremely fast, and I like the ability to take it with me in the truck or my wife's car.
In the 5 or 6 years I've had it, I've never had an issue with capacity.  I can see where one might on extended, expedition like trips though.

To your point on tanks - they don't help much at all for airing up, I used to run the York in my CJ5 without a tank at as well as the Sanden in my Dad's TJ.  Where the tank helps is when you have to pop a bead back on or run an air tool (which I'll admit isn't a requirement for everyone). 

I've also found that raising the RPM just slightly makes a dramatic difference in compressor output.  During Jamboree I tach up to A high idle on my hand throttle and I'm done airing up in less than 5 minutes.

Good info. I was going to do an AC compressor on my last rig because it did not come with AC. I really dont want to give up the AC on my new ride so I need to look at something else.


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