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Mike Reynolds:
Nice work Greg!

Nice.  Gotta have a work bench when you own a Jeep!

So I have been crazy busy this summer. Have not had time to do much. I did finally start to make a set of benches for the garage. My dad made this design back when he was about 24. He is an engineer so it was over built. I just modded mine to suit how tall I am. The top is made of 2x8. The legs are 2x4 recessed together. 3/4 plywood for the sides and shelfs and 1/2 ply for the doors. Still have some work to do, but a place to work on the LJ finally.

Just like having a truck - everyone is now your best friend!!


My large garage is getting smaller by the day. So far my father has dropped off a 20 ft pontoon boat, hes Harley and one of my friends wants to store hes Camaro for the winter.


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