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go to your profile, modify, notifications and make the changes you want!!

In your profile you have it set up to not receive any, you will need to change your permissions

I'm still not getting any notifications even tho I've selected the NOTIFY button/icon on certain threads..

Have to check into this .. I received an email notification that you started a new post in the board I requested notifications for ???

So even tho I click the NOTIFY button on certain threads to get emails (or however I get notified) I am still receiving none.

This is the message box that appears when you click the NOTIFY button above the first post:
"Are you sure you wish to enable notifications of new replies for this topic?"

I click the "OK" box and that's it. I've checked my spam inbox and made sure any cookie functions would allow me receive such notifications. I do get them from other forums/sites when I subscribe, watch, or desire notification from certain threads, just not from here.

Any help as to why I do not receive these is greatly appreciated!  ;D


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