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We are now official .. TreadLightly support "Member Club"



Use of Tread Lightly! logo in advertising, literature, and other promotional materials

Second Tier Website Link

Discount on education and outreach materials

Announcement of membership in Tread Lightly!’s newsletter, Trails, once upon joining

Subscription to Tread Lightly!’s bi-annual newsletter, Trails, and monthly e-newsletter, Treadlines

Small brochure display with 100 Recreation Tip Brochures of your choice

Eligibility to apply for a Tread Lightly! Cleanups by Quadratec grant

$40 worth of free Tread Lightly! educational materials, annually


Membership demonstrates your commitment to the environment and outdoor recreation, helping develop positive relationships between your club and land and water managers, community members and other recreation groups.

Your contribution will make a difference in keeping the great outdoors beautiful, healthy and open to the public by helping us fund educational materials, educational programs and restoration initiatives.

Members can be given special volunteer opportunities.Tread Lightly! suggests Boy Scout Troops join under this level.

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