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College Kid's TJ with 4 Pissed off Squirrels

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Did exactly the same thing with our 97 4 banger.
Would love a PSC but only put about 1k miles a year on it.
Would love one in my Rubicon, however!

The old jeep is still plugging along and is finally inspected and back on the road legally. Of course driving it brings to light all of the stuff I want to fix and upgrade. The item at the top of that list is the steering box. The box it had in it when I bought it always had a fair bit of slop. I lived with it until it started leaking a lot of fluid. At which point I stuck a reman auto zone box in it. That was likely a mistake but it had a warranty and was reasonably priced so I took the gamble. This one hasn’t leaked at all but has more slop than the old one. The slop drives me nuts and what i’ve read online tells me most reman ones are like that. Anyone have any luck finding a box for a ‘97-02 TJ that isn’t sloppy but isn’t $900 like PSC?

Well I suppose the title to this thread is a bit wrong now since I've graduated. However, that said the old Jeep is getting some spring time upgrades. So far I've got a Currie Anti-Rock swaybar installed, a MetalCloak front trackbar, and a V8 ZJ tie rod. Hoping that these mods make it a bit nicer to drive on the street. It hasn't had a swaybar for about 3 years, so having one, even an Offroad, one will be a nice change.

Next up are some MetalCloak rear lower control arms to match the rear upper ones, and rear track bar. Once that's done I'll just need front upper and lower arms and it will have a full set of aftermarket arms.

Then next up are hopefully some longer shocks to gain a bit more travel. I've also got some maintenance items to finish up before Embden. It's coming along well though and I'm excited to try it out.

I've also go my eyes on the new BFG KM3 mud terrains since my MTR/K's are getting a bit worn (they've been on it 4.5 years and around 30,000 road miles). All the reviews I'm seeing so far are really promising. Excited for a great summer of wheeling!

I'll have some pictures to put up soon as well!

I'm not too worried about pushing it up a whole lot or absolutely getting it flat with the frame but anything I can gain would be great. I mainly just want to get rid of the stock skidplate. For one thing it's not strong enough and I keep bending it. And all of the bumps, lips, and edges it has get hung up on absolutely everything. I've also thought about making the skid out of UMHW. Basically a tube frame skinned in the plastic. From some of the reading I've done it slides really well and is really quiet offroad which could be cool

I did a belly lift on the blue Jeep but it turned out to be a huge project. It hangs down 1" below the frame and it's a big help but I can't remember the company, most likely from Quadratec. The big problem was drive-line angle which caused vibration even with a SYE. My solution was to cut and extend the upper CAs to rotate the axle assembly. Also had to cut and re-weld all of the brackets. Another problem was the diff. would now hit the gas tank skid on every good bump and the 8.8 would be worse. I'd look into a d-shaft with a double u-joint on each end.


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