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New Front page!!!

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Looks great Trish.  Very nice spread at the cinema; well done Dave and all.

a few new changes to the site ..

front page ..

important link page ..

members rig page ..

and the purchase SWAG page .. (please go back to the first link and click on the tab!!)


l will also be updating the version of SMF when l can get to the library (would take to much to use my phone as a hot spot)

l will also try to upload the newest version of Tapatalk


--- Quote from: Doc on July 23, 2013, 08:22:17 PM ---okay .. something you asked for at the meeting .. it will take me a bit to do it because l have to find everyone's individual builds but l have it started .. take a peak !?!

just click on the green "read build" button

--- End quote ---

so l have added all the threads l can find, if l have missed your please copy and paste the link and l will add it on!!!

Its working for me now, but wasn't working for me at all yesterday :nuts:

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Working for me as we'll Greg.  Did you clear your TT cache?


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