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What's up, you say? This is what's up!
Q:How much is it to join PV4WD for 1 Year?
A:The annual membership for PV4WD.Com is $15 for a single screen name, $20 ($15 + $5) for two screen names (typically reserved for the driver and their "significant other" situations.) The membership is for 1 calendar year, from May until May.  Members wanting to become 'Full Members' after November will owe only $5 for the winter.  Your status will be upgraded to "Full Member" on the website as soon as possible and your membership will need to be renewed by the end of May that year.  (Example 1: I join up on January 3rd, 2011.  My dues are $5 and I am covered until May of 2011.  Example 2: I join up in August 2011.  My dues are $15 and I am covered until May of 2012.)  Passenger dues are $5 yearly, no matter when they are signed up and are due every May.

Q:What's up with the stickers/decals?
A:One PAIR of website stickers is $6. These are the white OR black stickers that say WWW.PV4WD.COM.  These look great above the front fenders on the sides of the hood, above the rear fenders at the top of the tub and on hard-top windows (or rear side windows for our full-size folks)!  ONE Oval decal is $6.  These look nice behind the front fenders right around the word "Jeep".

Q:I don't live in Penobscot County.  Can I still join the club?
A:PV4WD.Com is a Jeep club based in Penobscot County.  We do have members from outside the county, however most events will happen in the surrounding Bangor/Brewer area.  With regards to attendance of club-events, the staff of PV4WD reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone.  This includes individuals residing outside of the Penobscot County area.  Applications are welcome but exceptions to the rule are rare.

Q:I don't drive a Jeep.  Can I still join the club?
A:We are a Jeep club.  This includes all makes, years and models of Jeeps.  Non-Jeepers are welcome to apply, but keep in mind the exceptions to the rules are rare.  Many of the trails we frequent are designed specifically to work with a Jeep's compact footprint.  Larger vehicles may be cool, but they just won't fit where we ride and don't typically have the reduced impact on the environment that PV4WD wishs to support!

Q:Where does all the money raised from club dues and stickers go to?
A:The Administrator Doc (Trish) has a checking account at a local bank specifically for the club that is used only for PV4WD-relevant expenditures/income.  All income from the club is deposited directly into this account.  Doc is currently working on getting the entire not-for-profit accounting software set up to accurately monitor the club's finances.  Your dues and payment for stickers go to cover not only the cost of operating the website and allowing bandwidth but also paying for the bulk purchase of the stickers themselves.  Other outlets for the club's finances are being discussed constantly and as things arise, folks will be notified of upgrades or other club enhancements that will benefit all members.

Q:When and where are the monthly meetings?
A:EVERY MONTH on the THIRD SUNDAY, there will be a club meeting.  At this time, the meetings are held at 6PM.  Any changes will be announced well in advance.  Our club meetings are held at City Side Restaurant (Formerly Dino's Pizza) in Brewer on N. Main St. in the shopping plaza next to Jimmie's.

The administrator of this club and site reserve the right to modify these guidelines at any time and without notice.  While any major chances will most likely be announced publicly, be sure to check the FAQ thread if any questions arise.  If the FAQ does not answer a question you have, please email an administrator at .  Thanks![/size]


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