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Aggression, Verbal Abuse or Vulgar Language


THIS CLUB WILL NOT tolerate Aggression, Verbal Abuse or Vulgar Language in ANY of it's Forums!!!

This include our web site and our Facebook page. We are a family friendly club and will remain as such.

We hold the right to remove you from all forums if need be! 

If a member brings to our attention something that they feel is aggressive or feels in anyway threatened by another member, the offending member will be removed.

If a member verbally abuses another member or uses vulgar language in person, on a forum, or in a private message ..  you will be removed from the club.

If any member acts in a physically abusive way, you will be asked to leave the premises, if you refuse the authorities will be called and you will be removed by them and also be deleted and BANNED from the club.

To most of us this is our extended family, please show respect!!

** the STAFF of Penobscot Valley 4 Wheel Drive **


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