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Karma! It affects you!


LOL LOL LOL  Just remembered a line from Bruce Allmighty "Smite me all mighty smiter" LOL LOL LOL

sounds like a good idea.

oh i see im at 0!!!  so thats how it is!? LOL

A new feature has been enabled in the forums called Karma.  It is essentially the collective vote on how popular an individual is on the forum. 

If the member is consistently are offering helpful information, adding to conversations or being involved just in general, it stands to reason that their Karma will go up.

If the member chooses to offer destructive comments in poor taste that may offend others, their Karma stands to decrease.

Karma is controlled directly by everyone that views this forum and has a minimum of 10 posts.  Under a poster's avatar picture on the left side of the screen (you must be in a thread to see this) you will now notice there are three nifty new words.

Karma: (a number)
[Applaud] [Smite]

The first line is the member's total Karma.  The higher this number, the more popular the user's input according to the forum.

The second is where folks will give their vote for an atta-boy or a thumbs up.  Each click of Applaud by a member's peers will increase their Karma by 1.

Lastly, clicking Smite will show a member that you disapprove of their post.  Each smite vote will decrease a member's Karma by 1.

Members can not applaud or smite another member more than once an hour. - Administrators (yeah, me and the boss lady!) can smite or applaud as much as we want.  Take that! >:)

This will also give members who don't choose to constantly reply to information, a way of participating on the forums still.  If they found another member's post helpful or positive in some way, let's hope they hand out an applaud! :)

If anyone has any questions about Karma, please feel free to post in this thread and I will answer them as promptly as I can. :)


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