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Glenn found this on another club site but it's description of trail types is perfect.  Other clubs use this rating system as well :)

The Trail Rating System is designed to allow you to plan ahead for our upcoming trail ride events. These ratings are the Trail Command System volunteers and the Board of Directors strong recommendations for each trail we run. The trail ratings are recommendations to allow the driver to safely complete the main trail with minimal, body damage, undercarriage scraping, or vehicle extractions under ideal weather and trail conditions. In the event of adverse conditions (snow, ice, excessive rain) the ratings automatically jump up one number.

As you can see some trails carry a split rating. What this represents is an aggressive driver may be able to complete the trail with the lesser recommendation, while the more cautious driver may want to heed the higher rating. The staff and/or senior members reserve the right to ask a driver not carrying the minimum recommendations to discontinue travel if they are continually impeding movement of the group and causing severe trail and/or vehicle damage.

OEM 4WD w/ low range Very mild trail with the possibility of small rocks or mild mud/water crossings. 4wd may not be needed for entire trail. "stocker freindly" to me means i can take a total noob out there and let them learn about their vehicle without having to use terms like "hit it harder" or "punch it".

31" aggressive (MT or AT) tires and disconnected sway-bars. Mild trail with moderately demanding mud and/or rock work. Obstacles will require the use 4wd. Almost Stocker Friendly. Some experience required.

33" off-road tires plus 1 traction aiding device (Limited Slip or Locking) OR a winch.  Mildly demanding trail with the possibility of deep mud/water crossings. Rocks will be larger so the use of undercarriage protection is recommended.

33" - 35" off-road tires, 1 locking device OR a winch. Demanding trail with the likelihood of getting stuck. Moderately large rock/bolder work should be expected.  Possibility of deep mud/water.  Drivetrain, suspension or body damage is likely.

35+" aggressive off-road tires 2 lockers OR 1 locker and a winch Extreme trail with large rock/bolder work. Expect you vehicle to be at extreme angles. Likelihood of getting stuck is high. Driver should be very experienced with vehicle's ability.  Body damage should be expected.

35+" tires 2 lockers and a winch Most extreme trails reserved for drivers who feel they are highly experienced. Body damage should be expected and welcomed! Very high likelihood of breaking/getting stuck. Roll over protection is strongly recommended.

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