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Most of the staff met with the owners of the property covering Mt Waldo and Stonehouse area today.

At this time, Hell's Trail, Mt. Waldo granite climb, the ditch aside the Mt Waldo trail, StoneHouse and all associated trails remain off-limits to folks looking to wheel.

We are currently working with the property owner to arrive at a mutual relationship that DOES allow us access to the Mt. Waldo area.

We are NOT working to achieve 'jeeping' access to the Stonehouse Trail system.  The area is too open, has too many 'maybe' roads and too many areas that can not be posted.  It is too easy for us to get blamed for other's actions in this area.  Currently, the land owner would like us to avoid any chance of being blamed for poor ethics and we entirely understand.  If we're not there, we can't be the ones causing problems.

The staff of PV4WD is working on a proposal that will allow us restricted access to trails on and around Mt.Waldo.  However, at this time and until we are able to present the proposal to the property owner, PLEASE DO NOT WHEEL IN THIS AREA!  Ignoring this request could mean permanent loss of these trails by our club.  Don't be the one that ruins it for everyone else and just respect the owner's request.

We will be meeting again with the land owner after his crop is harvested (mid September) to present a proposal for restricted access and maintenance. 

If folks have additional inquiries as to the limitations of these requests, please feel free to ask!  We're always happy to answer any questions!

So, to summarize: 

Mt.Waldo - Off Limits for now, but we're working on access to specific trails

Stonehouse Trail System - Off Limits.  Period.  There MAY be a situation in the future that we have access to this area but for now, just don't be there.  We'll let you know if something comes up in the future that would require our presence in this area.

If anyone becomes aware that individuals ARE wheeling in either area, PLEASE alert a staff member.  The information that these areas are off limits has been posted at most of the clubs in the state of maine.  Anyone involved with an OHV club in Maine SHOULD be aware of these restrictions by now.  Please spread this information around and discourage any use of these areas.  We have agreed to let the property owner know of anyone accessing these areas that is in the OHV community.


The MtWaldo trail (yes, the one up the granite face) AND the Stonehouse trail system are not to be used by anyone.

We have been informed by the owners of the land that they wish not to have ANY individuals (Jeeps, trucks, hikers, bird-watchers... ANYONE) on their property, what-so-ever.

The staff of PV4WD requests that all of our members please respect the landowners request.

Doc will be in touch to clarify the areas that we were under the impression were ok (such as the granite climb up to the top where "Dave's Rock" is located).  We have been informed that they are explicitly NOT ok to wheel, hike or recreate on in any manner.  She will be meeting with the land-owner to present our club as a responsible organization to the land-owners and hopefully establish a positive mutual relationship and understanding.

Until we clarify the areas that are considered right-of-way passages/roads or areas that are entirely off-limits, please respect this request by the land owners.

We all are Mainers here and we know that in order to enjoy our great state, there needs to be a mutual respect between outdoor enthusiasts and the land owners.  This is their property and if they don't want us there, while that sucks and the local area businesses will lose money from our presence there on the weekends, it is their right to make that choice.  It IS THEIR land.  Not ours.  We all need to be responsible and do what we know is right.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation and understanding!


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