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We just want to clarify something that was said in the forum ... and FYI ... we did delete the post in question

anyone can apply to become a member but it does not imply that membership is guaranteed, you do have to qualify

one of the qualifications is to own a Jeep, you must own or be actively seeking a Jeep

if you do not own a Jeep BUT a Full Member wants to sponsor you as a member they can do so by paying $5 towards you membership as a "Passenger" 

a passenger is someone who does not own a Jeep, but rides in a Jeep with a Full Member, it also does not imply that they can bring a Non-Jeep vehicle on rides without the Admins and/or the Staff's approval

Please remember ... WE ARE A JEEP CLUB

... it does not mean exception would not be granted if the situation arises ... if a vehicle is adequately equipped for the ride in question, exceptions can be made by requesting permission.


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