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Sending compressed files


The video can be resized.  Smaller video-window = fewer mb.
The video can have it's quality reduced.
The video can be converted to an MP4 (similar to what MP3's do for WAV files... substantially smaller in size, but the quality is/can-be reduced slightly)

I can reformat any of the vids you'd like and upload them.  I've got piles of bandwidth sitting here at night that isn't getting used.

Is there anyway to compress a video to upload it to a site?  I've got  lots of MB's to upload and its gonna take about a week if I cant find a better way.  :o

So, I thought I'd share a beefy little program with everyone.
It's called WinRar.  It works like Winzip, just it's better...
It's a Volume-Archiver.  It will do what winzip does, but it also allows you to break the file(s) you are zipping into "volumes" like an encyclopedia.  You can break it into DVD size volumes or CD sized volumes or just keep it together as a single volume.

Instead of having a ".zip" at the end of the file name it will have ".rar"

Here's the link for the site:

Here's a direct link for downloading the program.  It's completely free and I highly recommend it over winzip.  I've been using it for nearly 10 years with out ANY problem what so ever.


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