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Do you weld? READ ME!

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never though of the fan ... thats a great idea ... thanks monkey

yes this is one thing you learn in welding class. at work ive notced that when i weld while someone else is using brake clean 50 feet away it creates a distinctive smell. we use non chlorinated brake kleen also. i know its not right but i use brake clean to degrease and then blow it off with compressed air n let sit most of the bad juu juu will evaporate.

also use a small fan to create a cross breeze to push the smoke away from your hood as the smoke is bad enough to add up n kill ya also. not a big breeze though it will push your shielding gas away...


--- Quote from: hoodup on April 21, 2010, 07:28:36 PM ---guess i wont be using break kleen on anything i weld!!!  :fart:

--- End quote ---
just make sure you avoid any brake cleaner that contains chlorine I only use non-chlorinated cleaner so it isn't as big a deal but as with any chemical you NEED to read the label and if available the MSDS sheet before using torches welding equipment etc.

guess i wont be using break kleen on anything i weld!!!  :fart:

I never really thought about what burns when I'm welding.  Paint, grease, brake fluid, whatever... if I can get an arc, I'll weld.  I figure the heat will burn off whatever's in the way and it always does.  I always assume that because I'm in an open-air environment (usually) that I'm not breathing in anything THAT harmful (at least not in the limited quantities that I am exposed to.)

Reading that this guy nearly died after breathing in a tiny little 'poof' of smoke in such limited quantity (I'm sure most of us has seen that before!) scared me big time!

I knew that the special radar-reflective paint (think it's called C.A.R.T. paint) that the military uses is super-nasty when it burns.  The sergeants taught me that at U.T.C. where I learned to weld and torch-cut.

I intend to be a bit more careful of what I "Burn Through" when I'm welding from now on!


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