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Winching Techniques


I's more looking for the rigging in the rear... while it wasn't much, it was a good example of how to winch with your tires on slime.

there wasnt much to it but one of the pics i posted had your winchline hooked to my rig tho.

By chance, did anyone get a picture of our rigging for when I winched Rob out on Sunday?

I found this thread over on Jeepforum that has several videos.  They demonstrate proper winching techniques and even give displays of 2:1 winching, 8:1 winching, line direction change winching and even how to winch yourself BACKWARD with a front-mounted winch!

It is pretty spelled-out stuff and most of what he discusses is done automatically anyway, but there are tidbits here and there that make ALL the difference. 

An example: Always face the hook UP when hooking a winch cable hook onto a clevis.  Why?  If the hook breaks, it's going to shoot DOWN and into the ground instead of up into the air and back toward it's line origin.  So... that's his catch-phrase.  Whenever "hooking up" a winch, always remember, "HOOK UP"! :)

The videos are full of stuff like that, PLUS the applied geometry lessons on how to rig up some more complex pulls, including off-camber pulls, multiple direction pulls and even multiple winch pulls.  Well worth a look, even for seasoned recovery artists. :)

Check it out Here:


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